Kamps Hardwoods, Inc. - Pure Michigan Hardwoods. 

Michigan is home to an abundance of high quality natural resources.  Our state’s water resources are tremendous, including over 35,000 inland lakes and ponds, thousands of miles of rivers and streams, and, of course, the massive Great Lakes.  Michigan’s impressive land resources produce fertile soils for expansive forest and timberlands.  Michigan’s forests cover more than half the land area of the state.  Cold and snowy Michigan winters added to the mix help create many unique and highly desired characteristics in our state’s hardwoods.  Some examples include hard maple with little to no heartwood, wheat colored red oak, uniform colored white oak, and red leaf soft maple with minimal fleck.

Founded in 2010 by Paul Kamps, Kamps Hardwoods, Inc. specializes in manufacturing kiln dried lumber from standing timber harvested throughout the great state of Michigan.  Working closely with a tight base of Michigan sawmills and vendors, Kamps looks to kiln dry and inventory a diverse mix of species, grades, and thicknesses.  Species include Ash, Cherry, Red Oak, White Oak, Soft Maple, Hard Maple, Walnut, Hickory, and Poplar.   Although the company produces 4/4 lumber, it specializes in thick stock products, ranging from 5/4 through 12/4.

Kamps Hardwoods has quickly become a preferred supplier in the hardwood industry.   As a high quality manufacturer, distributor, and exporter, Kamps’ loyal base of customers extend locally, throughout the U.S. and Canada, as well as many other regions throughout the world.